We released AksharYogini (Normal) Font on 1st Nov. 2006. (First Death Anniversary of Yogini Joglekar)  Right from the begining, we have received great response from the users and that has encouraged us to release the full font family.

On the occasion of Gudhipadwa (Chaitra Shuddha 1, 1931; that is 27th March 2009) , we released the complete "AksharYogini font family".

On the occasion of Eighth Death Anniversary of Yogini Joglekar, we are now releasing an updated "AksharYogini font"

For easier differentiation, the older font family will henceforth be called as Aksharyogini1 and the new updated font will be called as Aksharyogini2. The older font family name still remains as "Aksharyogini" but the new updated font name will be "Aksharyogini2".

Aksharyogini1 is a full font family whereas  Aksharyogini2 is only a single normal weight font.

Aksharyogini1 was free to use, share, distribute. Aksharyogini2 is released is Open Font License.

You can use either Aksharyogini1 font family or use Aksharyogini2 font. Read the FAQ page to know more about the differences and usage of these fonts.

"AksharYogini" fonts are Unicode compliant. You can use them on your websites, printed documents, graphic designs, books and any other purposes. Do let us know about your usage of the font. We would like to mention it on this website. Contact us on the email id " aksharyogini at sudhanwa.com " .

Font installation instructions are available here.

"Old Aksharyogini" Keyboard layout reference is available here.

Some sample documents using the AksharYogini1 (Normal) font are available here.

Frequently asked questions and their answers are available here.

For Aksharyogini1 font family, go to this page.

For Aksharyogini2 font, go to this page.

All trademarks and copyrights are duly acknoledged.
Aksharyogini fonts are property of Late Yogini Joglekar.


At the time of release of the Aksharyogini2 font, total download count from this site has crossed 14750 mark. We hope that you will give us even more response for the new Aksharyogini2 font.

Thanks to the visitors like you, who are promoting this noble cause!

Last update: 01 November. 2013