FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. When I open the font in a font viewer, I can see only Roman characters and not Devanagari.

A. Aksharyogini font is a multilingual font consisting of Roman and Devanagari. Due to this, by default, the character set you see is Roman. If you use any Unicode based font viewer which can show Unicode character set, you will be able to see Roman characters in the Roman character table and Devanagari characters in the Devanagari character table.

Q. Font installation in Linux:

A. Please check out the installation help page.

Q. Can I use this font for books and print documents?

A. You can use the font for various purposes like websites, documents, posters etc. Check out some samples given in the samples page.

Q. I am not able to use the font on Windows 98. What can be done about this?

A. The font is a Unicode compliant font. So, you will require usage of Operating System which is Unicode compliant. Due to this, it can not be used on Windows 95 or Windows 98 as they are not Unicode complaint.

Q. I am not able to use the font in some DTP applications like SCRIBUS. How can I use it?

A. The operating system has to be Unicode complaint and applications also need to be Unicode compliant. Even though such applications are running on Unicode compliant Operating System like Linux, if the application itself is not Unicode compliant it can not handle such fonts. Please refer to the Application developer and ask for the recent Unicode complaint version of the application.

Q. I feel that Font rendering is fine in some applications but in some others, it is not proper. How can I improve that?

A. Font rendering can happen differently in different application. Even though we have taken care of making the font perfect and have tested it thoroughly, it is possible that rendering can be different according to the application. You will have to try various settings in the application itself to get best results.

(Please feel free to ask queries about the font. We will be happy to answer them.)